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  • Memories. 798 Art District

     798 Art District. Beijing.
    Позже я обязательно напишу подробнее об этом замечательном месте с
    непередоваемой атмосферой. Must see in Beijing!!!)
    (American Apparel tshirt; American Apparel shorts; Topshop 
     sneakers; Marc by Marc Jacobs bag; Oliver Peoples glasses;
     Michael Kors watch)

    28 Responses to Memories. 798 Art District

    1. Genia says:

      Лера место просто обалденное! по фотографиям очень чувствуется , что ты без ума от этого места и от Пекина конечно же)))

    2. nik says:

      Hello! I just found your blog and I think it’s AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
      Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!


    3. Natasha says:

      такие солнечные фото! вдохновляют!)) и очки тебе тааак круто!))

    4. Valeriya says:

      Genia, место на самом деле классное) Ну а Пекин да, любовь)))

    5. Valeriya says:

      NIK, Thank you so much for your comment! I’m happy to hear it)

    6. Valeriya says:

      Кудряш, спасибо!)

    7. Valeria says:

      Wow love your blog!!! Thanks for stop and comment in mine!!! I start following you, hope you’ll follow me back!!! xoxo from Rome


    8. StyleFax says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment..

      I love this outfit so as your blog..

      I’m now following you..
      Hope follow me back..


      Kisses :)

    9. Beatrice says:

      amazing photos!i love your blog too!you have a new follower! ;) follow each other?


    10. Юля says:

      прекрасные фото

    11. Valeriya says:

      Thank you, girls!)
      Юля, спасибо!)

    12. Ulrika says:

      I absolutely love this outfit. You look smashing !

      Follow each other ?


    13. Lovely pics, Ilove your glasses :) Great post!!



    14. Stamina says:

      Your shirt is so lovely!! Love all the pics! I folow you now!!
      Thanks for your comment in my blog!! I have a new post if you want to come by again :) I would love to follow me back :)


    15. Ivory † says:

      These are beautiful <3


    16. Andi Cui says:

      Love the look!
      So romantic and casual but chic!!!
      Love your blog and style!!!


    17. Love the shorts. Love the shorts. love the shorts! :) )) Such a cute style and classy :) I love how you paired the pieces together! I am now following you darling, come check out my euphoric fashion trends :) xoxo-Monica

    18. Valeriya says:

      Thank you guys for comments!)

    19. Cymone says:

      so pretty, and such pretty colors. I love the green shorts, so cute.

    20. Nat Ashiima says:

      so Pwetttiie
      i love it..
      check mine at http://mayjjor.blogspot.com/

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